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Turquoise Trail Pack Burro Race

Saturday, May 4, 2024  |  Cerrillos, New Mexico

Race Overview

Come race in the beautiful former mining town of Cerrillos, New Mexico! Set in the historic and scenic Cerrillos hills this quaint western town is the perfect back drop for fast single track burro race or a hike in the hills with your burro. 

The race will start on Saturday, May 4 at 10:00am on the Main Street area of the village of Cerrillos and follows the trails of the scenic and historic landscape of Cerrillos Hills State Park.

There are two courses, one approximately 6 mile route and a 3 mile route. All racers on the 6 mile course will follow the Western Pack Burro Association race rules. More information below


About Pack Burro Racing

This race is one of 14 pack burro races in California, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico supported by the Western Pack Burro Association.

The sport originated in Colorado as a draw for small town tourism and a way to promote the working heritage of the American Burro in mining communities.

The Western Pack Burro Association helps support races across the west and provides rules for racers and burro (donkey welfare). Below is a sample of race rules and more information can be found at

• Runner must control the burro with a lead rope no longer than 15ft.

• Burros only, no horses or mules.

• Strict animal welfare guidelines are to be followed- no hitting or excessive pulling on anyanimal at any time. The race director has full authority to remove any racer for apparentor perceived abuse.

• Animals are subject to veterinarian inspection pre or post-race at the race director’s discretion.

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Turquoise Trail Burro Race: Projects
Turquoise Trail Burro Race: Image
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Course Descriptions

Course Overview

The first and last mile of each course will be paved or gravel road. From there the route will become 80% single track with dirt two track on a few ridges to allow for easier passing. Both courses pass several mine shafts, but they have safety rails and netting over the entrances. There is a moderate elevation gain on both courses as you climb up the beautiful Cerrillos hills.

3 Mile Course
This course is intended for new pack burro racers or those looking for a short hike/walk/run with their burro. The turquoise line on the map indicates the cut off where you will split from the Red 6 mile course. This turn will be well marked.

6 Mile Course
This course follows all Western Pack Burro Association race rules. This means the teams must have no longer than 15ft lead rope and the burro must have a pack saddle, pan, pick, and shovel. Please visit this link to view all rules of a WPBA race.

Aid Station

One aid station will be on the course (yellow marker). This will be a water only station and located on a county road that bysects the course. There is also horse trailer access here for anyone needing to be picked up. 

Pink Line- potential reroute pending landowner permission.

Turquoise Trail Burro Race: Welcome

Race Information

Online Registration

Cost is $45 for 3 mile course and $55 for 6 mile course.

Registration here at race (Link Active Feb. 1)

Please do not register unless you have your burro teammate lined out!

Burro Rental

We have two rental outfits offering burros for race day. Please contact ether person below for information on rental fees, waivers, and pairing you with a kick ass race partner.

Alexis Knight:
Burro OUT

Rifle, Colorado


Suzanne Velasquez

Forever Home Donkey Rescue

(520) 212-0100

Finisher Awards

Finisher awards to be announced in March

Top Placement Awards

  • Top Male 6 mile

  • Top Female 6 mile

  • Top Male 3 mile

  • Top Female 3 mile

  • Last Ass 6 mile


Designated Parking Areas to be determined. They will be well marked as you come into town.

Camping and Overnighting

Limited camping areas will be offered to racers wishing to stay Friday or Saturday night. Please contact Race Director, Shane Weigand (505) 554-8594,

Town Amenities

The town of Cerrillos has a few small shops and one Saloon/Eatery. Open and closing times vary so please refer to shop websites for operating times.

Basic household and service supplies are available but for larger convivences you will have to travel or stay in Santa Fe, NM.

Turquoise Trail Burro Race: Services

Race Sponsors

Farm Bureau Financial Services

Robin's goal is to help you plan for the unexpected and protect your future. Getting to know you and the things that are most important to you will help us customize your insurance and financial plan to fit your specific needs. Where other companies may rely on algorithms to predict your needs, She believes nothing can really replace the value of a face-to-face interaction she has with her client/members.

Give Robin a call today to learn how I can help you protect your home, family, farm and future.
(505) 281-9157


Trademark Ranch

Located in the heart of northern Texas horse country, Trademark Ranch is dedicated to training and boarding fine reining and performance horses. 

Mallory and Troy Bell have sponsored the youngest team and last ass awards!

trademark ranch.jpg

Kay's RV

Kay Wilks has grown up in the RV business, bringing a lifetime of knowledge and experience to Kay’s RV. Her father, Anthony Nanneman first began selling RV’s in 1967, and it wasn’t long until Kay began to learn the ropes of the business. It was through her father’s example that Kay learned the value of taking care of your customers, a value that is deeply embedded in Kay’s philosophy. After Anthony retired the next generation of the family continued with the RV lifestyle in Moriarty NM, where Kay was the salesman for the number 1 Excel dealership in the country. Kay further developed her experience with sales, fueled by her passion for helping customers find their perfect trailer.

Get in Touch

SMART Local 49

SMART serves to protect and raise the living standards of over 150,000 skilled men and women employed working with Sheet Metal throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.
We work in the construction, manufacturing, service, railroad and shipyard industries and strive to establish and maintain desirable working conditions for members through their employers. Doing so provides them that measure of comfort, happiness, and security to which every member is entitled to in return for his or her highly trained and skilled labor.


Phoenix Tears Massage

Call for an appointment today!  (505) 917-3631

Get in Touch
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Paper Tiger

Paper Tiger has been locally owned since 1978. With 10 friendly employees and 42 years of business, Paper Tiger is the solution to all of your printing and mailing needs.


Santa Fe Brewing

Santa Fe Brewing taproom right up the highway (north of Cerrillos). They are providing free 6 packs of Santa Fe Brewing beer and hard seltzer for our top finishers.


Rio Grande Mule and Donkey Association

A mainstay in New Mexico for many years, the RGMDA supports mule and donkey events across the state of New Mexico


East Mountain Veterinary Service

A premier vet service in New Mexico located in Edgewood, New Mexico.

sponsor_ east mountain vet.png

Cunningham Family

Shelia and Wayne Cunningham are providing premium Virgil's beef jerky for the race bags.


Tailwind Nutrition

Winding trails, breathtaking views, mountain-side sunrises. Those are the things that inspired Tailwind's founder to get outside, and he wasn't about to let bad nutrition get in the way.

Turquoise Trail Burro Race: Team
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